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Kiba is the first Automated Home Video Maker in the world

kibaJust what the heck is a home video maker? No, it is not someone who stands at the ready behind a video camera all the time, that would just be insane. After all, in this day and age, shouldn’t things be automated? This is what Kiba is all about, where it is touted to be the world’s first automated home video maker. Specially developed for families, Kiba is able to identify, curate and capture your best moments and memories at home effortlessly – all without requiring too much input on your side. All that you and your family members need to do is to act natural and be yourselves. After all, that is what family is all about.

I suppose when one places Kiba on a pedestal where it functions as a personal director and editor, then it certainly gives off a pretty good idea of what it can do. Basically, you will be able to enjoy a director’s cut of the best moments each day while being in the frame of things, now how about that for the best of both worlds?

Kiba’s design is simple, elegant and easy to use, and all that it takes to set up Kiba would be less than a single minute. Not only that, this is a hands-free device which will enable voice interactions, letting one control and interact with Kiba thanks to voice commands. For instance, one can just mention, “Kiba Selfie” in order to snap a high-resolution selfie, or “Kiba record” to record a 30 second video and “Kiba remember” to remember 30 seconds of the last spontaneous moment. Apart from that, how about turning Kiba’s settings by mentioning “Kiba ON” and “Kiba OFF” commands?

The Kiba mobile app can also be used during planned moments like for a birthday party or a family dinner, where you can set the name and duration of the event in the Kiba mobile app and Kiba will do the rest. Kiba goes through hundreds of interactions while making a choice of the most interesting and important moments, and this is made possible using the patented Joy Ranking Algorithm which offers you the best five memories; as it compiles clips into a one minute collage of your moments to view and share.

The Kiba is available for pre-orders at the special introductory price of $199, and this comes with one year’s worth of free cloud storage, shipping this spring. If you miss the pre-order window, it will then retail for $329 a pop.

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