Khet 2 – Taking Laser Board Games to a Whole New Level

Khet 2

I’m a big fan of Khet AKA the old Deflexion. The idea of reflecting lasers around a board game just seems cool to my geeky nature. This latest expansion pack takes the game to a whole new level, the Khet 3D Tower.

3D Tower

Khet now has a mezzanine level for even more zaptastic possibilities. When the laser is fired, it either stops on the edge of the board or zaps the non-reflective surface of a playing piece. If this happens, the piece is ‘destroyed’ and removed from play. Eliminate your opponent’s Pharaoh by successfully plotting the laser’s route and you win.

I reckon the 3D Tower will make an excellent game that little bit more challenging. Unfortunately the expansion pack is not available until 2008.

You can buy Khet from Amazon for $44.95 or Firebox for £34.95 (which is where I found out about the 3D Tower Pack).

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