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KeySmart Swiss Army Style Key Organizer has everything (you think) you need

keysmartA Swiss Army Knife has been best described as something which ought to be able to help you get out of virtually any tight spot that you encounter, but the strange thing is, most of the time when you feel that you need to call upon the help of one, you simply are unable to find one in the vicinity. Having said that, how about seeing what is available in the market, and make a purchase decision from there? Surely advancements have been made to this old school idea, and the $19.99 KeySmart Swiss Army Style Key Organizer does realize such a dream by offering a different take on what Swiss Army style is like when it comes to keychains.

Basically, the KeySmart Swiss Army Style Key Organizer has been best described to be the perfect, minimalist keyring, where it is made out of aircraft aluminum alongside stainless steel hardware – say goodbye to rust, that is for sure! Heck, it even comes in two sizes that would be able to expand in order to hold even more keys. At least your keys will not be in order, and it even comes with a more secure grip so that you can turn the key with ease, while the optional expansion pack would allow it to hold even more keys as you take your pick from a trio of colors. Ah yes, do bear in mind that this is not the MacGyver tool that you’re looking for…

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