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Keyport Slide gets an upgrade with version 2.0


A few years ago, we introduced you to the Keyport Slide. This was an interesting new take on the keychain. Rather than having a bunch of bulky keys in your pocket, this offered a way to cut down on the bulk, and put them all into one smaller package. What you were left with was a gadget about the size of a pack of Tic-Tacs that held up to 6 of your keys. Well, the Keyport is back, and better than ever.

I actually owned the original Keyport, and while it was nice, there were areas where I felt it could improve. One was the metal housing. It actually felt a bit flimsy, and I always worried that one of these days I would break the whole thing while unlocking my stubborn front door. (I actually ended up losing it before that ever happened, naturally.) It also didn’t have a good ay to keep a fob, or other bulky keys attached to it, which was a bother.

The new Keyport 2.0 has addressed both of these concerns. The body is now constructed from Ultem, which is a resin that’s much stronger than the metal used before. They claim that it’ll survive getting ran over by a car, without any issues. It also has a spinner cap on the end, which makes it easier to attach things like car fob, or other things that you might have carried on an ordinary keychain before. You’ll be able to get one for yourself for just $40. Currently there is a waiting list for pre-orders, which you can get on here.

Source: ChipChick

2 thoughts on “Keyport Slide gets an upgrade with version 2.0”

  1. Now this is what I call innovation. Quite a useful thing to have compared to some of the other things you need to find a use for in here.

  2. Just felt like sharing my personal experience with Keyport
    Purchased one of them two years ago, seems like awesome idea, however it
    started to fall apart on me just from normal use. where keyport casing meets
    metal started to come apart, one of dividers in between of slides broke, key head plastic cracked,
    lanyard tore and frankly the cap that holds base of keys is pretty
    i treated it just like set of keys, no an iphone that needs a case and screen protector, and i expect it to be
    replacement for my keyring, not another gadget to worry about, but – at
    this rate it cost me already $80+
    i contacted their support and they offered me 40% off next order which I
    tried to apply to purchase replacement and order one more Keyport and
    some blades – however I was told by Amy that they can’t do this for
    entire order.
    frankly speaking – I think that this product is already an overpriced
    gadget, they charge $5 per slide, think of it – its just a piece of
    cheap metal with cut off head and 3 grams of plastic glued on. you can
    get they whole house keys replaced for that kind of money at local
    grocery or hardware store.
    I was ready to spend 70$ on new keyports and accessories but i guess it
    doesn’t fit into their budget and instead of keeping a customer they
    prefer to instead upset one. Think of it when you are making a purchase
    because standing up behind your product should mean – taking
    responsibility, and i think that $80 key ring falling apart on you in
    two years doesn’t exactly state quality anywhere here.
    by the way, even at selling their original lesser of a quality but still cool product at $80 a pop they for some reason had kickstarted another project named keyport 2.0 and had another load of suckers buy into it – how is that when you are already a company you raise money trough kickstarter instead of taking your profits and use it for R&D ??
    after leaving comment on their FB page with pictures they removed my comments, so this company doesn’t seem to like negative reviews? nice way of censoring – where is fairness?

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