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KeyChain USB Emergency DC Battery Charger


Should you ever run into a situation where you are in dire need of your camera, this USB device could come to your rescue.  When your camera battery is dead you may be able to just plug it in and charge it up again.  However, for those times that you just happen to not have the charger around this battery charger can fix things up again.  Since it’s just a keychain, as long as you have your keys on you the device will be nearby at all times.

The little green charger can be plugged into your USB port and then attached to the battery of your camera.  You will also get the choice to include an AC adapter in the deal, but that will of course cost you a little extra.  It’s supposed to work with most brands of DC Lithium batteries.  It may work a little better with a smaller camera though than it would a DSLR one.  You can purchase just the charger for $11.90 and then if you want both the charger and the adapter it will all together cost $14.90.  You can pick one up through Gadget Brando.

Source: OhGizmo