Keychain Retro LED Camera with sound

People are always purchasing those silly little keychain lights.  Most of the time they could barely be described as attractive or interesting.  If you’re going to carry it as a keychain it should have a little personality.  If you’re a big time photography or old camera lover, then this keychain could do double duty for you.  It’ll show off your favorite hobby and the flash doubles as a handy little flashlight.

Like most keychain flashlights, it isn’t going to have a ton of light.  It will at least help you find where to insert your key when you’re fumbling in the dark though.  To work the light there is just one press button that will kick it on and even make a shutter sound when it’s pressed.  To keep it on you’ll have to hold down on that button.  You can purchase one of these for $8 through Gadget Brando.

Source: GeekAlerts