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This Keychain makes Duct Tape seem classier than it is

Duct Tape Key Chain

Hailing from an area where there are more cows and cornfields than people, I have seen duct tape used in a variety of ways. While keeping the front bumper of your car on and fixing pipes with the silver sticky magic paper may seem uncouth to some, let me tell you that the stuff is going to outlast most of mankind. It does come with a connotation of being for rednecks that is generally unfavorable, but it is and has been a lifesaver countless times.

If you have to be pretentious about carrying it around with you, but want to nod to its usefulness, then this Keychain Duct Tape should be on your person at all times. This is a simple metal spool that is meant to have 18” of Gorilla Tape or 24” of Gaffers Tape on it. It’s only about the size of your chapstick, and is made of either solid brass or stainless steel, whichever you prefer.

This is a very simple idea, and you can most definitely make your own version of this easily, but it is a very dapper way to carry around duct tape. It’s certainly more convenient than carrying around the whole roll, especially if you deal with public transit rather than being close to your car. To refill this, put your keychain into a power drill, measure out the correct amount of tape, spin, cut, and you’re ready to roll out. This is a $20 purchase that will blend into your other fancy spy gear seamlessly.

Available for purchase on gearworld