Keychain Car Key Security Spy Camera


Remotes to go with your car are so incredibly common that no one would notice anything odd about this keychain.  It’d just look like your average keychain unless someone actually bothered to inspect it closely.  Odds are, no one is all that observant, nor do they have any need to be.  Well if you’re just dying to catch someone doing something shameful, this keychain can help you catch them in the act.

It can take both video, audio and pictures, all depending on what you need at that particular moment.  They’ll never know that you just captured proof of them up to no good until it’s too late.  That is unless you’re entirely too obvious by the way you’re holding the keys.  Asking them to speak into the keychain might be a touch too obvious.  It has a rechargeable Li-on battery and 2GB of built-in memory.  It can do 29 FPS, 1280 x 960 image resolution and 640 x 480 color video resolution.  You can purchase the keychain for $66 from Brando.

Source: GeekAlerts

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