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The Keycatch keeps your keys in view so they’re harder to lose


If our heads weren’t attached to our shoulders we would most likely lose them. It doesn’t matter if it’s your wallet stuffed full of money or your phone that has your entire life in it, we’ve lost just about everything we own at least once. The same can be said of our keys, and while your phone and wallet are important, if you don’t have your keys, you’re not going anywhere.

Oftentimes we put our keys on the table, in a bowl near the door, or get a rack that we have to screw into the wall. Of course, our keys can still get lost in all the clutter, and if you’re in an apartment, you don’t exactly want to drill in holes that you might have to patch in a year’s time. The Keycatch is a discreet little system that integrates into a pre-exsisiting aspect of your home, your light switch cover.

These are little screws with magnets on the end that can hold up to 3 pounds of weight, meaning all your various keys and charms won’t be too much of a burden. It consists of a carbonate housing, stainless steel screw, and a neodymium magnet, all of which take the place of the bottom screw on the plate. You’ll only need a flathead screwdriver to install it and from that point on you’ll have a spot for your keys that will be hard to forget about. Getting a set of 2 will cost you $9.99, which is not too over-the-top to lessen the chances of us losing something…again.

Available for purchase on getkeysmart

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