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This Keyboard Waffle Iron will have you typing on your breakfast

Keyboard Waffle Iron

When you work a 9-5 salaried job, you’re supposed to clock in, do your work, and clock out. While that’s what should be happening, you almost always end up working overtime and stressing out about what didn’t get finished or is on the docket for tomorrow even though there’s nothing to be done about it in your off hours. There are those lucky few who enjoy their jobs though, and don’t mind that their work bleeds into the rest of their lives.

While it’s definitely not for everyone, those who love their work, specifically on a keyboard, will get a kick out of this Keyboard Waffle Iron. This is a die-cast, non-stick aluminum griddle press that will let you create keyboard-shaped food on the stove. This is not like those waffle irons you find at a hotel that will heat themselves, but rather one that needs to be placed on a stove burner for heat.

You will still have to flip it to get an evenly cooked exterior on your food, but it has curved handles that are sturdy and heat resistant so you don’t need to worry about oven mitts. This is a $69.99 purchase that is pure novelty factor, but it will make themed parties far more festive. It’ll be up to you whether you have waffles every day, or if you want to experiment with making cookies, brownies, or whatever strikes you with this iron. You could also try putting an actual keyboard inside and see what happens when you melt it, for scientific purposes.

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