Keyboard Made For Emoticons

Instant messaging programs have launched the creation of a whole new language. Yes, IM speak. Where every word is abbreviated and every emotion can be expressed with three symbols. Our new language really speeds things up.

Though with as much emoting has been done via IM over the last decade, relatively little has been done to aid our emoticon habit. Sure, most IM applications now come stock with a click menu for the commonly used smiley faces, but most of us still like to use our hands for speed purposes. The look@me keyboard is made especially for emoticons.

Featuring all of the commonly used (and even the not so commonly used) symbols which compose our online emotions, the look@me keyboard reminds us of the old accounting number pads. No calculations here. This is about pure and simple emoting fun.

If you already have your heart set at picking up one of these look@me keyboards, you might be out of luck. It seems for now that it is no more than a pipe dream in the designers mind. We’re not quite sure how an emoticon keyboard would sell anyway, since everyone is already so use to the older way of doing things.