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The KeyBiner improved on the time tested Carabiner clip


If you asked anyone on the street to pull out their keys, you would immediately hear jingling and see a mess of metal and keychains appear out of a bag or pocket. Everyone stores them differently, some choosing a lanyard, ring, or carabiner clip. Whatever your method, it generally just serves the purpose of keeping your keys in one place without having to rummage through every pocket and bag you own trying to find one loose key (that may not be the right one).

If you’re all about functionality, then the KeyBiner might just be your new favorite EDC (every day carry) tool. This is a Carabiner clip that will store all your keys neatly, quietly, and has a few extra functions hiding in plain sight. This can act as a bottle opener, a myriad of differently sized wrenches, a screw driver bit, file, flat blade screw driver, and pry bar. This can hold up to 14 keys at once depending on their size, shape, and orientation.

If you also have to move data around on a daily basis, there’s a 32GB slimline thumb drive option to add on as well. You can get one of these in stainless steel, blackened, titanium, blue, purple, gold, copper, rust, or brass. One of these will cost you $35-81 depending on the metal or finish you choose. While this will likely stay clipped to a belt loop or bag, make sure you don’t toss this in the abyss of your bag or coat like you might normally do, or you won’t be able to follow the jingling as this will silence your keys forever.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter