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The Key Armory doesn’t want you to go alone


What aspect of life has your geekery not tapped into? Now that there isn’t as much social stigma against showing your nerdy interests, people aren’t afraid to fly their freak flags out in the open. It’s already infiltrated everything from light switches to Monopoly, so it only makes sense that we should just go full tilt. If everything you own and wear is a reference to something you love, no aspect of your belongings should go untouched.

Regardless of whether your escapism lives in Middle Earth, Hyrule, or among the stars fighting the First Order, the Key Armory has something for everyone. While the function will always be the same, it will certainly be a dead giveaway as to where your interests and allegiances lie. These are themed keys that will be a calling card to any fellow friends in the fandom who see it.

Your options include the Legend of Zelda, Lord of the Rings, Kingdom Hearts, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, Thunder Cats, and Game of Thrones! Just about any option will cost you $11.99, and you’ll have to take a hard look at the key you already have to make sure you’re getting the right kind. You’ll still have to get it cut after it arrives, which will add on to the final total, but the end result is a really awesome set of keys.

Available for purchase on thekeyarmory

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