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Keurig has made K-cups of soup, has become the expensive version of Maruchan


We are all about convenience. Taking the time to do things the old-fashioned way seems frivolous and a waste of time, when really it’s just making sure you planned ahead. Making a meal seems like a daunting task, since you have to spend the time at the grocery, factor in prepping food, and then the cooking process, combined with cleaning up afterward. There are times when you have to resort to eating out, but it is possible to prep a home-cooked meal.

If you want to say phooey on all of that business and just eat the equivalent of water and spice, then Keurig has a treat waiting for you. In addition to making drinks such as coffee, chai, and tea that comes in a plastic cup, they’re also making soup! You’ll pour the soup bits into your bowl, pop in the soup K-cup, and have lunch in no time flat.

In all honesty there’s nothing wrong with eating meals like this, but if you get used to cooking at home, you can taste the plasticy, freeze-dried aspects of this pre-packaged food. While you do have to give kudos for making food readily accessible to people who are constantly on the go, it’s better to keep an apple or fruit and nut bar handy than to make a snack like this, as you have to be near a Keurig to even prepare it. If you are all about the Keurig and are interested in making this a regular snack item, a box of 8 K-cups will cost you $11.99.

Available for purchase on Keurig

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