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Kenu moves forward with fast wireless charging car mounts

Airframe-WirelessMany of us own more than one smartphone these days, and ride-sharing drivers tend to have a minimum of two in order to keep track of their customers while making sure that they have a backup handset just in case something happens, or they need to call someone during an emergency. Whatever the case is, or if you are simply a smartphone owner, you should still pick up a smartphone car mount. For starters, a smartphone car mount lets you carry out hands-free conversations, and it also provides an avenue for your handset to remain in place while providing directions via a navigation app of your choice rather than sliding all over the dashboard. Kenu has just made life better with the announcement of wireless charger car mounts: the Airframe Wireless and Airbase Wireless. Both of these mounts are Qi-certified, delivering up to 10W of power to compatible smartphones.

 Specially designed for daily commuters, riding sharing drivers, and road trippers, both the Airframe Wireless and Airbase Wireless enable drivers to simply attach and power up their phones, all without having to go through the trouble of plugging in a charging cable. Among the compatible handsets that play nice with both products are the iPhone X, iPhone 8 plus, and iPhone 8, and the Samsung Galaxy S9 series. It does not matter even if these handsets are protected by a case, they can continue to be charged as long as the phone cases are no thicker than 3mm.

The Airframe Wireless will attach to the car’s air vent through a secure push-button vent clip, whereas the Airbase Wireless will mount to dashboards and windshields with a strong and secure suction cup that boasts of a non-residue gel adhesive. Either way, they feature spring-loaded phone grips that expand to hold phones and cases up to 4.3 inches (110mm) wide. There is also a 360º Ball Joint so that drivers can rotate their phone from portrait to landscape mode in a jiffy, or perhaps to find the perfect angle which works great for Face ID.

Other features include safety in mind such as Overheat Protection that will shut off power if it gets too hot within, Fan-Less Ventilation that helps to keep components cool and efficient, and Foreign Object Detection so that users will be alerted whenever there are objects that block the charging pad. Both accessories will retail for $59.95 apiece and sport a 2-year warranty.

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