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Kenmore Alfie opens the door to easy online shopping

kenmore-alfieThe Amazon Echo that rolled out in 2014 did manage to turn more than just a few heads, and it seems that you might want to consider something different this time around if online shopping is your cup of tea. Kenmore Alfie is a voice-controlled device that intends to make your online shopping sessions easier. How much easier, you ask? As easy as saying, “Alfie, Fetch!”

The new Kenmore Alfie voice-controlled intelligent shopper will do all the backbreaking research work on your behalf, hunting down the item of your choice with the best price possible, never mind which retailer you intend to pick it from. The Kenmore Alfie intends to be a huge time saver, letting you look for stuff that you use everyday including paper towels, printer ink cartridges or even groceries, and perhaps to search for the perfect gift such as for dad simply by mentioning clearly, “Alfie, give me some ideas for a birthday gift for dad.”

Time is money, or so the saying goes. Not only do you save time with the Kenmore Alfie, you will also save some money on the side as well. There will be no added fee for the service that Alfie provides, while the Kenmore Alfie app remains as a free download in the app store. The moment you have made up your mind on what you would like, you will just have to press a button — and Alfie will get to work, shopping the online marketplace in order to draw up a tailored recommendation. This would mean you should be able to obtain the best price available.

Given enough time, Alfie will be able to learn of your tastes based on previous purchases, and allows users to shop from history. This would greatly simplifying the task of reordering frequently purchased or favorite items. The Kenmore Alfie will retail for $49.99 a pop at, or select local Sears stores.

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