Kelvin .36 puts a toolbox in your pocket

Kelvin .36 toolbox

If you’re always on the go you can’t pack too much, but never know when you’re going to need something. This leads to needing to pack smarter, lighter, and as compact as possible. While clothes and toiletries are easy enough to figure out, tools you may need in your travels are a more difficult matter. While we know there are tons of options for multi-function tools, finding the one that best fits your situation is the tough part.

If you’re dealing with the outdoors more often than not, you might want more blunt force or sharp items. More suburban or urban scenarios need specific tools for specific tasks. The Kelvin .36 can assist with the latter, by having a plethora of problem-solving tools in one place. Made of cast aluminum with a zinc bit-extender and hammer surface, and titanium coated bits for the screwdriver, this is going to act as your end-all, be-all tool box in a package small enough to fit in your bag. Get yourself a cordless drill and you have pretty much all you need to do any kind of homeworking job.

This has a corkscrew, bottle opener, utility knife, screwdriver that locks at 90 degrees, LED light, liquid level, 6 ft tape measure, magnets for loose screws, 13 double ended screwdriver bits, and a tiny hammer. It’s built to last and only costs $50, so it would be perfect for being on the road, or for those who are just getting acquainted with living on their own. Of course, this would also do nicely on fishing trips, whilst camping, or any other travel excursion as well.

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