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Keeping your banana safe

banana-safe-box.jpgWhat better way to keep your banana safe than with a…Banana Safe? Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but there is actually such a device available in the market. The aptly (and unimaginatively) named Banana Safe Box lets you tote around individual bananas without having them squished and bruised at the end of a trip. After all, these are great fruit to give you that extra impromptu energy boost the natural way without relying on processed food. Not only does it keep it’s contents safe and sound from knocks, the Banana Safe Box also features a whole lot of tiny perforations that facilitates ventilation in order to prevent premature ripening. Somehow or rather, forking out $41 for a banana-shaped container doesn’t sound like the best bit of business to me. It is even more interesting to note that the product site retails each of these for a mere £3.97 – that’s roughly $8, a vast difference from $41.

Product Page via BimBamBanana