Keep your laptop safe with a USB alarm

USB Alarm

Are you paranoid about security when it comes to your laptop? No, I’m not talking about firewalls and anti-virus software, but rather physical security. After all, if someone steals your laptop, it’s only a matter of time before they crack your passwords and access your precious data. If you’re looking for something to keep tabs on your laptop while you’re away, you might consider checking out Belkin’s USB Laptop Security Alarm.

What you’ll do is attach the base unit to something that’s not going anywhere, and plug it into an available USB port. There is a small key that is inserted into the base unit. If you unplug the USB cable without first inserting the key, an alarm will sound alerting everyone nearby to the thief’s actions.

The alarm will set you back around $25. Personally, I’d prefer to stick with something that physically stops someone from picking up the laptop and leaving. Sure, and alarm may sound, but they’ve still got your PC.

Source: EverythingUSB

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