Keep radiation out of your pants


Radiation from cell phones has always been in the news in one way or another, not always for anything good, but with rumors of it causing tumors and other nasty things like sterility in men, so apart from either dressing completely in tin foil to protect yourself from the rays, or alternatively not using a phone at all to be sure that your are completely safe, what else is there that could possibly protect you from the dangers of using the cell phone?

Isa Body Wear an underwear designer and manufacture based in Switzerland think that they have come up with the solution.

They have developed a pair of under pants that are said to prevent any of the cell phones radiation from getting through to the mans vital organ and bits, could this be the life saver that all of us men have been waiting for?

The underwear is manufactured by placing some silver thread into the fabric of the cloth, which we know is supposed to block the radiation from cell phones and other signals too, if we believe all the conspiracy theories. But like many of these types of product there is proof, unlike when you buy something that actually does what its says on the box, like software etc, but in this case how would know if it was working, there are no tests to prove that they do.

If you believe that these radiating proof under pants would benefit your lifestyle, there is only a limited supply of 4000, they are all black and will cost you around $24 per pair, enjoy!

Source [Engadget]