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A Kazoo and So Much More


As tablets and smartphones rise in popularity you see more and more accessories designed like things we know. There is the old school phone handset to attach to your iPhone. Or maybe you prefer to look like a trucker and have a CB handset on your phone. Or there is always the retro joystick to use when gaming on your tablet. It seems that anything old-school but adaptable to our new technology is a hit.
Taking that cue, meet the iKazoo from Ogaco Gadgets.  I want to call it a controller, but it does so much more. Built in to the slender device are lip sensor, flute, full chromatic keyboard, optical game controllers, touch pad and a microphone. Out of the box iKazoo is compatible with any electronic device containing a camera. That enables you to make and play music, like a kazoo. The other key to iKazoo is the open source software. You – or others – can train iKazoo to do whatever you choose. Make music, games, apps. Turn it into a fitness tracker, art tool or remote control. Use iKazoo as a R/C controller, presenter tool or voice recorder. The Ardiuno compatible microcontroller, Bluetooth wireless networking, optical, shock and motion sensors, multitouch sensor, RGB LEDs and headphone make it happen. Ogaco is serious when they say iKazoo is built for multitasking! iKazoo is not on the market yet, and no price has been announced but sign up for launch details on Ogaco’s website. This is one device that just about anyone could use.