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The KAZbrella – a reversible umbrella that makes sure you stay dry


When it’s raining, we use an umbrella to shield us from the onslaught of raindrops falling from the sky. Of course, we dread not having one with us, but even when we do, they’re a nuisance. Strong winds blow them inside out, they don’t always stay open, they get the floor wet, and you normally have to awkwardly close them and get yourself wet when you want to get in a car or go inside.

The design for these has been the same for thousands of years, and it’s about time we spiced things up a little. The KAZbrella will change the way you think of an umbrella. This is a reversible, drip-free umbrella that is everything you would want on a rainy day. This opens inside out, looking like a flower blooming, which means when it closes all of the water will be trapped on the inside. You’ll be able to get in your car, close the umbrella, and pull it inside without having to get soaked in the process.

Even if a strong wind blows it the other way you can press a button, and the Plexiglas spokes will go back into place. The shaft is made of aircraft grade aluminum and the canopy is constructed of a breathable fabric with hydrophobic coating, which means the water will bead and fall off. This is going to cost you $60 or more depending on whether or not you want something fancier than black for a canopy color.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter