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These Kawaii Mushroom Gel Pens will make your desk look like a magical forest

Kawaii Mushroom Gel Pen

People who like sports or comic books generally leave photos, figures, cards, and more of their favorite players or characters all around their desks, homes, and basically anywhere they go. Whatever your interest might be, you can’t help but surround yourself with reminders of the thing that brings you joy. It’s ok to indulge in a mild form of escapism so long as it doesn’t drive you to bankruptcy. If you just so happen to love magical forests and pastel colors, then you’re likely going to want to find things that fit your theme, and litter your desk, halls, and room with aspects of the aesthetic.

This Kawaii Mushroom Gel Pen Set will provide you with eight fine point roller ball pens, which will make your homework, note taking, and calendar planning slightly less mundane tasks than they are. They may be made of plastic and come with stickers, but don’t we all need to revisit our younger side a little bit? Staying young at heart helps keep you young forever, right?

This set comes with 8 pens, stickers, and a whistle, though you won’t be able to choose the colors that you get. They’re only going to cost you $4.99, though shipping will tack on another $2.99, bringing the total to around $9 or so after tax. If you’ve already got the bath tub mushrooms, lamp, and wall light, then these would go perfectly with the collection. Before long you’re actually going to be living in your own magical forest!

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