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Kasa Smart Light Bulbs are a bright idea

kasa-smart-bulbLight bulbs have more or less remained the same since they were invented by Thomas Alva Edison, although we do admit that there has been vast improvements over the years in terms of the lifespan of a light bulb as well as its brightness and energy efficiency. While smart light bulbs are nothing new at all, you might want to check out the collection of Kasa Smart Light Bulbs that arrives in single and bayonet caps, depending on the needs around your home.

With the Kasa Smart Light Bulbs, you will be able to instantly control your lighting environment via your smartphone. It is also something that will open up the door to an affordable foray where the bright new world of smart lighting is concerned. Not only that, it is a one time investment that should last till the children are ready to leave the nest, thanks to the low energy, super efficient LED used that boasts of a 15 year life-expectancy. Since it does not come with any kind of hubs or complicated setup, setting up the Kasa Smart Light Bulbs is as easy as plug in and play. Not only that, it comes with the ability to auto-dial down the lights at night time, and being able to choose from more than 16 million colors is another advantage for you to create moods with it.