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Kaptivo transforms the whiteboard into an interactive one

kaptivaWorking as a group in the corporate environment can be a very challenging situation. Thankfully, we have tools in the digital age which are able to assist us, such as the Kaptivo. The Kaptivo is able to transform the whiteboard into a unique live sharing experience. The Kaptivo is the new flagship IoT device which costs $399 a pop, and yet is able to turn just about any standard dry-erase whiteboard into an online collaboration tool in a jiffy.

The Kaptivo manages to do this thanks to a connected micro-optical camera as well as an advanced processor which is stashed in a stylish form factor, as it remains positioned on top of virtually any whiteboard. This will help to expand the visual communication of individuals, SMBs and large enterprises in a far more effectively than ever before.

Nic Lawrence, CEO and co-founder of Kaptivo, “One in four people video conference every day but have no way to easily share the content from the whiteboards outside of their corporate meeting rooms or home offices. We live and work in an accelerating digital and connected world. We saw the important need to ensure the whiteboard, a key productivity tool that so many rely upon, wasn’t being left behind.”

Kaptivo will make use of proprietary software as well as patented computer vision technology so that it is capable of identifying and extracting important content automatically. This enables the Kaptivo to get rid of folks standing right in front of the whiteboard, eliminate the need to take notes or photos of the whiteboard, being able to capture an intelligent archive automatically when it comes to all board content changes. One can also share a timeline of content which is generated in the form of a PDF document.

Taking less than three minutes to set up, the Kaptivo is well worth the money spent if you would like to up the ante in terms of office productivity in a team.

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