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These Kangaroo Shoes let your inner child go on a jumping rampage

Kangaroo Shoes

What sort of outside activities did you do when you were a kid? Did you try out a trampoline, moon shoes, or the beloved Sock’Em Boppers? The older we get, the more careful we think we have to be so we don’t break something. While that is partially true, life doesn’t feel like much fun if you’re living just to preserve a body you’re not going to put to use.

Thanks to the fact that you are an adult, you can spend your hard-earned cash on things that make you happy. If you want to relive a piece of your childhood, then these Kangaroo Shoes would be a great way to do that. It’s just the same as Heelys resurfacing, but more jumpy than roll-y. These are basically moon shoes for adults that are low-impact, fun, and will make for a great workout.

You’re going to have to put your whole body to work to stay upright and jump up and down, but thankfully it won’t feel as much like a chore. This is a much better option thanĀ getting a full-sized trampoline if you don’t have kids, and especially since it’s hard to find space for those things if you live in an apartment. Unless that’s the only furniture you want to have, period. Since there are a lot more safety concerns and these have to be built a bit sturdier than pairs for kids, this will cost you anywhere from $199-259 depending on what your color preferences are.

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