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The Kangaroo Light gives an ambient glow wherever you need one


Kangaroo LightLights that we use for everything from walking through the house at night to fixing something under the car uses a focused beam to shine on a certain area of space. Of course, we like having lights for just about every possible occasion, so it should make sense that we’re always looking for more interesting ways to bring light to our lives. If you think I’m wrong, look at you reading this article about a new light.

It’s called the Kangaroo Light, and it comes from Studio Banana Things, the people who brought us the Ostrich Pillow. This is a hexagon made up of triangles that will literally glow out a diffused white light from LEDs. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and the interesting aspect is that this 7.7x 6.7×0.5″geometric shape is more like a floppy Frisbee then a rigid pancake. You’ll be able to tweak the brightness for this light, and with 24 LEDs, you should be able to see whatever needs some extra light.

It’s made of a silicone rubber composite, and houses a 1000mAh Li-ion battery which is capable of getting a full charge in 4 hours. Thankfully it uses a micro USB for charging, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a replacement cable if necessary. This would be perfect for making it possible to see in the abyss of your bag, as an under-the bed light for when you don’t want a fully bright room, or for reading at night. This is going to cost you around $119 for those interested.

Available for puchase on studiobananathings