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The Kangaroo Jacket lets you snuggle your tiny tot in the winter

Kangaroo Jacket

If it’s cold outside and you’re a parental unit for a baby, you need to go to extra lengths to make sure they stay warm. This is especially the case for times of the year when simply breathing the air outside can hurt your lungs. You want to keep them as close as possible so they can rely on your body heat, and their fidgeting will let you know when they’re starting to get fussy, but it is mandatory that you keep all of their appendages covered unless you want to deal with frostbite or a cold.

While the harsh winter weather is still a ways off, there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead. If your tiny bundle of joy will still be small enough to carry around, then this Kangaroo Jacket would be the best way to keep your kiddo warm and keep your sanity in regards to whether or not they’re too hot or not warm enough.

This hoodie is lightweight, warm, doesn’t crease, and is water-repellant, which means it will also dry fairly quickly. It’s not exceedingly thick, which means you could use it during any season, and it comes with two hoods, one for baby, and one for the parent. It comes in sizes small through extra large, made of cotton and fleece. Seeing that this is a handmade item that has a specialty function, the $115 price tag shouldn’t be terribly surprising.

Available for purchase on Etsy