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Kanex makes traveling this summer a cinch even if you own plenty of gadgets

kanex-travelWhen it comes to mobile accessories, Kanex is a pretty decent option if you want something that does not break the bank, and neither will it make you look tacky toting it around. This summer might be drawing to a close in due time, but it does not mean that you should put all of your traveling plans on hold simply because you have no idea on how to pack with your slew of gizmos and gadgets. Kanex has the answer to many of such “questions”, offering a range of portable power and connectivity solutions.

No one would like to have their mobile devices stuck or running low on battery while one is on the move, which is why Kanex has come up with the GoPower portable batteries collection. Kanex’s GoPower range of portable batteries will deliver a new level of power, value and performance. For starters, its slim 6,000mAh battery can offer 2 more charges to the typical smartphone, while the 15,000mAh GoPower USB-C battery can even juice up the new MacBook fully, not to mention deliver multiple charges to tablets, smartphones, and other USB devices. If road trips are your cup of tea, then Kanex’s Dual Port Car Charger will enable a pair of devices to juice up simultaneously, all the while boasting support for a powerful 2.4 Amp that can charge at the fastest possible speed.

The Kanex GoBuddy will offer the ultimate in portability, as it can be clipped right onto any keychain or bag so that the user can charge and sync anywhere. Not only that, it has a built-in bottle opener in order to let you have a spot of fun while you are on the move. As for the EasySync iPad keyboard, it pretty much does what its name suggests — in style, too, with a faux-leather and soft microfiber cover for protection during travel, where it then folds into a 60-degree stand when in use. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that should be able to last for up to 2 months on a single charge.

The GoPower USB-C Portable Battery will retail for $99.95, with the GoPower 6,000 mAh going for a cheaper $49.95, while the EasySync iPad Keyboard is also priced at $49.95 a pop. Those gunning for the Dual Port Car Charger will have to fork out $24.95, while the GoBuddy Lightning Cable + Bottle Opener will also cost the same.

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