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The Kanex Multi-Sync Keyboard will play nice with every device

Can you think of how many different texts, emails, and comments you write in a day? It seems like an endless amount, but it is spread across your phone, tablet, and computer. Of course, when you’re sitting at your desk, you use all three almost simultaneously. Instead of bringing up a keyboard and making it harder to see what you’re writing due to screen size limitations, why not use your computer keyboard for everything?

The Kanex Multi-Sync Keyboard will allow you to type on any three devices you choose with the same keyboard. All it takes is a press of a button, and you will switch from one Bluetooth device to another. In style and function, this was meant to be paired with Apple devices. It will still work with Windows or Android, but some of the hotkeys or shortcuts might not be of use.

This can also be paired with your Xbox360, but only in USB mode. This will cost you around $70, and sadly works primarily on AAA batteries. It does come with a stand that will accommodate either an iPhone or iPad. This is great for multi-taskers who want to keep things organized and seamless. There is a number pad, volume, brightness, play, and pause buttons for you to adjust things exactly as you like it. As this is wireless, it’s also great for those who enjoy having a keyboard for on-the-go situations.

Available for purchase on Kanex, found via thegeekchurch