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Kanex GoPlay Sidekick delivers console-class gaming to portable devices

kanex-goplay-sidekickKanex is a name that many of us are familiar with when it comes to accessories for many of our portable devices, from smartphones to smartwatches. This time around, the gaming crowd will be pleased to hear that Kanex has something up their sleeves to deliver an enhanced gaming experience with Appleā€™s bevy of hardware. Enter the Kanex GoPlay Sidekick, a portable wireless game controller for iOS devices. With the GoPlay Sidekick, it will allow console-style gaming to be experienced on the iPhone, iPad, and even Apple TV, now how about that?

This pocket-sized wireless game controller has been certified by Apple, where it is compatible with just about any controller-supported game that can be found on the App Store. Sporting an internal rechargeable battery that delivers up to 20 hours of gameplay, it will make use of Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity in order to hook up to the corresponding iOS-powered device. With a patent pending, innovative clamshell case, the controller will remain protected while it is on the go, while doubling up as a stand in order to prop up the device while delivering a console-like gameplay experience, away from the comfort of your own home.

Mobile gaming no longer needs to sacrifice the level of control with the GoPlay Sidekick from Kanex, or so that is what the manufacturer claims. Sporting a button layout that is inspired by traditional console controllers, the Kanex GoPlay Sidekick delivers a more refined level of control compared to the touchscreen which clouds the action when your thumbs move all over the place, while pressure-sensitive buttons, dual analog joysticks, trigger buttons and a D-pad complete the picture.

When not in use, it can slip into a pocket or bag with ease, and the rechargeable battery will be charged via the iPhone’s Lightning cable, where a single full charge delivers up to 20 hours of non-stop gameplay. The Kanex GoPlay Sidekick will retail for $59.95 apiece.

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