Kanex AirBlue Portable Bluetooth Music Receiver

This little disc that you see here is the Kanex AirBlue, and it is very similar to the Orb Music Player that I covered a few days ago.
It its own words, the Kanex AirBlue is a portable Bluetooth-based music receiver that enables a user to wirelessly play, listen and control all favorite media from an iDevice, smartphone, or any Bluetooth compatible device.
I got to try it out, and it involves pairing a phone with the AirBlue disc and plugging it into the speakers. The range is about 33 feet away, and it works with the “high fidelity and premium sound” that it advertises.
I guess what makes the AirBlue work is that it is small, and it is small enough to fit in your pocket. It is also easy to charge as it attaches via USB, and for those who have a car stereo, this might be what you need.
I had to admit that I had some difficult pairing with it, and had to check out the FAQ section on the official site to get it right. After that, it played just fine.
You should be able to get the Kanex Airblue from the official site for about $49.00.