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Kammok Thylacine is the only sleeping bag you’ll ever need

We’re a bit spoiled with temperature control in just about any building we walk into. It can be automatically warmer or cooler whenever we want. The same can not be said of the outdoors, and if you want any hope of keeping warm at night, then you’ll likely want to have a good sleeping bag. Of course, depending on the climate of the place you’re at, you’ll want to pack a thicker or thinner version accordingly.

If you’d prefer not to dump a bunch of money into various kinds of sleeping bags, then why not spring for a Kammok Thylacine? This is a sleeping bag that will adapt to the weather thanks to its Variable Warmth Technology , which means you can change out the stuffing. They have been working on a locking system that will keep the baffles in place so you don’t have to deal with any cold spots.

Depending on what sort of weather you face, you can add more or take some away to be at your optimal temperature preference. Not only can you control the temperature, but you can also choose what length and width you’d prefer so you can be snug as a bug in a rug, or have lots of space to wiggle around. The material it’s made of is waterproof and breathable, and getting one of these will cost you anywhere from $200-650 depending on how many layers and options you would like. Currently this is a crowdfunding campaign, but it is over-funded, so there may even be extra goodies coming to those who invest.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter