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Kamenstein SmartSpice Rack is totally digital

Kamenstein SmartSpice Rack

I can’t help but think why everything is going digital or electronic these days, and I would think of one item that would not need it: the spice rack.

Not so with the Kamenstein Smart Spice Rack. It comes with a revolving rack that can hold about 16 premium spices which are included. Also included is a small handheld electronic device full of recipes which you can detach and take with you shopping.

The device can also be used as a timer which will really come in handy when you are cooking. Included in the database are 200 recipes, ready to make. It has them with both metric and non-metric units. You have to admit, it is one nice rack. Yes, I did just say that.

I have to admit, it certainly looks quite handy, and could be put in a place where it would be out of the way on the counter. Of course, if this digital spice rack is anything like the spice rack that I have at home, there will be some spices that I will have to constantly fill, and others which will never be used.

I guess there comes a time when even those things that grandma prizes go digital. However, I never recall my grandmother’s spice rack needing 2 AAA batteries.

If you are craving the Kamenstein SmartSpice Rack, you can get it on Amazon for $65.00.

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4 thoughts on “Kamenstein SmartSpice Rack is totally digital”

  1. Sorry, that didn’t come out right – I meant it in a good way – I’m a big gadget fan (& a subscriber 🙂 )

  2. after reading every review i could find on this smartrack i have realized that each one is written by someone who doesn’t even OWN one.
    Is there anyone who actually has one. How are the spices? How has it held up? Are the recipes good? I think I am capable of deciding if I want to own a “gadget” or not. I thought reviews were meant to help you decide if the product is a good product, not your opinion on if it should have been invented or not.

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