Kamenstein SmartSpice Rack is totally digital

Kamenstein SmartSpice Rack

I can’t help but think why everything is going digital or electronic these days, and I would think of one item that would not need it: the spice rack.

Not so with the Kamenstein Smart Spice Rack. It comes with a revolving rack that can hold about 16 premium spices which are included. Also included is a small handheld electronic device full of recipes which you can detach and take with you shopping.

The device can also be used as a timer which will really come in handy when you are cooking. Included in the database are 200 recipes, ready to make. It has them with both metric and non-metric units. You have to admit, it is one nice rack. Yes, I did just say that.

I have to admit, it certainly looks quite handy, and could be put in a place where it would be out of the way on the counter. Of course, if this digital spice rack is anything like the spice rack that I have at home, there will be some spices that I will have to constantly fill, and others which will never be used.

I guess there comes a time when even those things that grandma prizes go digital. However, I never recall my grandmother’s spice rack needing 2 AAA batteries.

If you are craving the Kamenstein SmartSpice Rack, you can get it on Amazon for $65.00.

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