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Kaleidescape Alto movie player rolls out

kaleidescapeKaleidescape has just introduced the Kaleidescape Alto movie player, where this particular device will target the masses over in the U.S. as well as those who live in the Great White North, where those homes will feature home theaters of their own, or perhaps a large sized TV complete with multichannel audio. Apart from that, what makes the Kaleidescape Alto all the more impressive is the fact that this happens to be the very first movie player that will import 100% of its locally-stored content directly from the cloud, through downloads from the Kaleidescape Store.

 If you like to be spoilt for choice, then you would certainly have no issues with the Kaleidescape Alto since it has more than 8,500 movies alongside 1,600 TV seasons that have been licensed from the major motion picture studios. In other words, the Kaleidescape Store will boast of one of the best online selection of movies and TV shows that are out there right now, where you will be able to enjoy them in both Blu-ray or DVD quality.

Being an attractive addition to any family room, media room, or home theater, the Kaleidescape Alto would come with an award-winning Kaleidescape user interface, making it a whole lot easier to pick the perfect movie while enjoying an entertaining and engaging experience for the entire family. Apart from that, you will be able to stash downloaded content on a hard drive, as there is enough space for up to 100 movies in Blu-ray quality, not to mention 600 movies in DVD quality if you decide to take that route.

It will also be able to be merged with other Kaleidescape Alto players in order to offer a system that is capable of supporting up to a quartet of viewing zones, while ensuring that you have a stash of up to 400 movies in Blu-ray quality, or 2,400 movies in DVD quality. Customers also have the choice to make an upgrade of their DVDs and Blu-ray discs to digital versions that have been downloaded from the Kaleidescape Store if they so desire.

The Kaleidescape Alto is not going to come cheap though, as it carries a recommended retail price of $2,495.

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