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The Kairo Double-Sided Rechargeable Hand Warmer will fight off frostbite

There are those of us who feel as though we’re always in need of a jacket. It’s not a medical condition, we just feel cold more often than not. That being said, having this sort of situation makes winter even more difficult of a time to get through. Of course, you can break out the boots, scarves, leg warmers, extra-fuzzy socks, and double sweaters, but there’s always room for more ways to warm yourself.

The Sanyo Eneloop Kairo Rechargeable double-sided hand warmer will keep your fingers from feeling like popsicles. It comes with an AC plug, 2-AA Eneloop batteries, a miniUSB cable, a USB adapter, and a carrying case. The exterior is a brushed aluminum with a plastic top.

This will last for about 4 hours on one charge, but can probably be stretched out a bit more if you only use it on the lowest setting.  You can either keep this in your hands, or in a interior coat pocket to keep you toasty. It has the ability to raise its internal temperature to 113 fahrenheit, but don’t be too shocked if it falls a bit short. This particular hand warmer will cost you around $91, which will likely only be a worthy purchase if you’re specific about the aesthetics of your gizmo. Otherwise, you may want to spring for something in the $20-30 range (either that, or buy a better pair of gloves).

Available for purchase on Amazon