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Ka-Bar “Zomstro” Zombie Chopper…just in case a zombie apocalypse breaks out

ka-barZombies happen to be part of the undead “family” that does not really strike fear into the hearts of the masses, not unless they start stumbling out in a large group, that is. Of course, where you augment them with super speed just as you find in World War Z, then those are definitely a terrifying bunch to deal with. Let’s just say that should a zombie apocalypse happens one fine day, leaving you with a Walking Dead scenario, then you would do well to be proficient in hand-to-hand combat and weapons, as you would want to dispatch of these brain loving undead quietly so that you draw as little attention to you as possible.

This is where the $129.99 Ka-Bar “Zomstro” Zombie Chopper comes in handy – it has been described to be a “zombie chopping cleaver” for survivors only (but of course!), sporting a fixed blade that measures an impressive 10.25” in length, and is proudly made in the USA out of 1095 Cro-Van steel. It includes zombie green handles, stealth black handles, a backup knife a with 3.25” blade for the more delicate jobs out there, a durable nylon sheath with belt loop and accessory pouch, 9′ of zombie green paracord, and an additional handle mounting hardware, not to mention a Ka-Bar “Zombie Knives” velcro patch. I suppose someone like Daryl Dixon would be most at home with this once his crossbow goes kaput. You know what they say – better safe than sorry, and be prepared!