JVC UX-LP5 Hi-Fi with iPod Dock

jvc-ux-lp5-mini-audio-system-ipod-dockConsidering that we live in the age of the iPod and other MP3 Players, it is very easy to forget that some of us still crave Hi-Fis. In all honesty, I am betting that there is a whole generation that does not know what a Hi-Fi is.

It would appear that JVC is prepared for this brave new world with the UX-LP5. As you can see from the picture, the UX-LP5 has a retractable front flip dock made for the iPod. Not only can the user listen to his or her iPod audio tracks, but the UX-LP5 comes with a video output so he or she can play iPod-stored video to a connected TV. It also has a front audio input to connect to other audio products.

This 30 Watt, two channel Hi-Fi has a total power output of 70 watts with its twin speakers, and has a CD Player, AM/FM radio tuner, and it its compatible with MP3 and WMA audio files. There is also a USB port for accessing other files as well.

Kudos to JVC for merging the Hi-Fi crowd with the iPod crowd. The next time I want to purchase a new Hi-Fi, I know exactly where to go. Of course, I can’t remember the last time in this decade that I was in the market for a Hi-Fi. It is amazing how times have changed.

I believe the JVC UX-LP5 is currently out now, for a price of about $149.95.


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