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JVC SP-A130 Sliding Speaker protects from dust


Those of you that have a less than tidy bag that you carry your gadgets within might check out this new speaker.  With this you won’t have to worry quite so much about dust or crumbs damaging the speaker.  Of course it won’t protect the rest of your gadgets, but at least one thing is safe.  For the rest of your gadgets, you might consider just cleaning up the bag a little bit.

The way this keeps your portable speakers safe is that the case around the speakers slides.  Which when open lets you listen to your music and when it’s closed keeps the speakers safe.  The portable speakers have an output of up to 160mWx2ch and measure 30mm wide.  They will run for 16 hours of continuous play while they’re powered by the necessary 4 AA batteries.  When purchasing you’ll get the option to choose between various colors.  Of course it might be a touch difficult since these are in Japan.  You can pick them up for 3000 Yen or about $33 as of midway through this October.

Source: SlipperyBrick

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