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Justin Timberlake’s New Fragrance looks like MP3 Player. Why?

jts-fragranceIntroducing a unique MP3 player known simply as Play. It is so good that it is backed by former NSYNC member Justin Timberlake. This MP3 has one unique feature, as it comes with its own fragrance that you can apply to your skin.

It also has another unique feature as it does not play MP3s. That’s right, those buttons there is just part of the packaging, and this is really a Givenchy colonge sponsored by the former boy band member himself.

So why bottle a cologne like it is an MP3 player? Believe it or not, the answer is not just “because they can”. Apparently it is inspired by “mobile multimedia gadgets, those quintessential objects of modernity and style that have become both everyday objects and icons of our era”.

So what’s next, scents that look like iPhones and BlackBerries? The latter might make interesting packaging for a Gossip Girl perfume, maybe.

Considering that we live in an age where video ads can be placed in magazines, can’t we just up and make a scent that has an integrated MP3 Player?

Especially since many MP3 players are tiny, and could easily fit on the bottom of a fragrance. I suppose they could figure out a way to put the controls near the top like this bottle, but if the scent leaks, that could be a problem.


1 thought on “Justin Timberlake’s New Fragrance looks like MP3 Player. Why?”

  1. Heh….JT’s just kickin’ old school. My mom’s got tonnes of Avon perfume bottles shaped like cars, dolls and everything else!…be thankful it’s not a bottle shaped like him.

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