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Justick Electro Adhesive Desktop Noteboard

Working in the office would mean you would more often than not have plenty of things to keep track of, and unless you have a fantastic memory that rivals that of an elephant, you would do well to have a note organizer in your possession. The $39.99 Justick Electro Adhesive Desktop Noteboard would be the ideal purchase, where it is capable of holding notes as though you were performing some sort of sorcery, but in reality, it is just plain ol’ science that gets the job done.

The wonders of electrostatic force would mean there is no need for any sticky notes any more, which might just help you save a little bit of money in the long run since plain old paper without the sticky ends are a wee bit more affordable. Not only that, this would also mean there is no more need to deal with sharp and pointy stuff like thumb tacks, and the Justick Electro Adhesive Desktop Noteboard comes with a 2 position back easel support, allowing you to optimize your viewing angle. Powered by a quartet of AA batteries, and there is also a low battery light on the front of the unit so that you know when a replacement set of batteries is in need.