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Junior Golfer’s Electric Golf Cart brings him places

junior-golf-cartMonkey see, monkey do. It seems that our children love to pattern their lives after us, after all, what better example do they have than their parents or guardians? It is either that or the world that will shape the way the think, act and speak. Having said that, if you are an avid golfer and have brought your little one around the course before in a golf cart, then chances are pretty high that he might grow up thinking that he would want one of those fancy golf carts for himself. While his friends get presents of small electric cars, how about surprising him with the $299.95 Junior Golfer’s Electric Golf Cart?

The Junior Golfer’s Electric Golf Cart happens to enable budding golfers to play 18 backyard holes in comfort. It works in more or less the same manner as that of an actual golf cart, allowing riders to travel forwards or backwards, as well as to relax between holes on the cushioned seat under a nylon canopy. There is the plastic putter, iron, and driver which are stored conveniently in a golf bag, which in turn will rest in the back of the cart. The cart itself travels at a safe 2.5 mph and even boasts of a working horn just in case the family dog needs to be alerted. A 10-hour charge provides up to 40-minute rides.