Juicy Couture Set Of Gemstone Speakers


Despite that Juicy Couture really isn’t my thing, I can appreciate a line of gadgets that are in a similar style as their clothing line.  It makes it possible for Juicy Couture fanatics to find small gadgets that really reflects their taste.  If you or someone you know is into Juicy Couture, soon they’ll be able to get their hands on a pair of Juicy branded speakers.

These speakers made to be shaped like oversized gemstones will play all of their favorite songs.  They’re made out of durable pink jelly rubber.  They measure 3 1/8” diameter by 3 and 7/8” deep.  Right now they’re not out just yet, but these are set to be released the 22nd of January.  You can pre-order them now though.  Once they’re out, they’ll cost you $88 for a set of two.

Source: ChipChick