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The Juice Extractor is a torture device for produce that will help your health

Juice Extractor

If you want to start losing weight, then there are a million ways to approach it. You could go the old-fashioned route with watching how much and what you eat with some light exercise regularly, but that’s boring. There are diets where you cut out certain types of food completely, take pills, vegetarianism, and most interesting and expensive of all, juicing.

While drinking fresh juice is very good for you, it should really only be supplementary because you don’t make your stomach try very hard at digesting anything, and it’s really pricey to buy that much produce regularly. If you want to juice¬†for one reason or another, then you’re going to need something like the Juice Extractor to help you make your beverage. This juicer has an 850-watt motor with a 3-inch feeder chute that will make 8 ounces of juice in 5 seconds. If you’ve never juiced anything before, that means this thing works really fast.

There’s a safety lock arm that will make sure nothing flies across the room from the lid falling off, an overload protection LED indicator light, and a pulp collector. The 1-liter juice jug, filter basket, and cleaning brush can all be tossed in the dishwasher after you’ve pulled most of the ick out of it from usage. You’ll be able to pick low or high speed depending on how troublesome the produce you’re juicing is, and just to be safe you’ll want to have this near the sink in case anything goes awry. While the $149.99 it costs is high for a kitchen appliance, this is considered an entry-level juicer (going too cheap might mean buying more juicers more often).

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