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Juice Chargers keep your devices powered

These days, we tend to use the term “My phone has run out of juice”, where that particular statement means that your smartphone’s battery has bottomed out, and you obviously need to send it to the nearest power outlet with an appropriate charger, too. How about going with the flow this time around with the Juice Chargers? These will come in £14.99 and £16.99 price tags, where the former sports a blackberry juice exterior with a microUSB connector, while the latter is a pseudo orange juice box with multi-connectors to cater for a bunch of different devices.

Of course, it is interesting to note that you can also place a pre-order for what is coming up – the inevitable apple juice, where it prophetically caters for the second and third generation iPhone models from Cupertino. Each Juice Charger would come with a padded carry-bag for that added touch of convenience, and with such portable power being at your fingertips in a size that is extremely travel friendly, you might want to get one of these for yourself sooner rather than later.