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The Juggarnaut is a fat-tired bullfrog trike

Fat Tire Bullfrog Trike

If you were to ask me what a bullfrog trike is, I can’t tell you much besides a three-wheeled bicycle. Ever since we were kids we loved being on a bicycle, and if you want to keep riding as an adult you have to factor why and where you’re riding. If you’re dealing with a long commute then something electric so you don’t have to tire yourself out would be the best option. There are mountain bikes and racing bikes with obvious purposes, but what about when you want to ride on the beach?

The idea of sloughing through sand on a bike sounds pretty terrible, but if that’s where you want to ride, you can, if you have the money. The Juggarnaut is an all fat-tire bullfrog trike, which the only thing I can imagine that name came from was the recumbent tricycles which can be called a tadpole trike. Since this thing is massive, weighing in at 55 pounds and stands upright, bullfrog seems somehow appropriate.

This bike was made to let you “float” over snow and sand, uses low gearing for the terrain it’s aimed at, and there are mounting points for kits and racks. There’s a hydraulic rear brake, and dual front brakes to make sure when you stop, you really do stop. Since this is meant for extreme riding conditions, it has a pretty extreme price at $3,500, which is only worth it to those with the free time, location, and money to use this.

Available for purchase on riderungu