JO-ZERO could be in next Transformers movie, as himself

Have you ever noticed how jerky and clumsy most robots move? I mean, they don’t call that one dance “The Robot” for nothing. This is simply not the case with JO-ZERO (pronounced “Jay-Oh Zero”).

Himeji Softworks wanted to develop a robot that was “stylish, speedy, and human-like” and I believe that they have succeeded. If you don’t believe me, watch the video.

What you are seeing isn’t deleted footage from a Transformers movie, but actual film from the International Robotics Exhibition 2009. I mean, JO-ZERO is really busting a move on the dance floor (presumably a sheet of paper) as well as a battery of other tricks that would make most stiff-necked robots green with envy.

The JO-ZERO has about twenty directions worth of movement (8 for the arms, 10 for the legs, and 2 for the back). So if it gets knocked down, it gets up again.

One of the reasons that the JO-ZERO looks so cool is because it was actually designed by a manga artist Minoru Kamiya, who created the anime show Act On!

The JO-ZERO robot kit has a microcomputer built in so it can be pre-programmed. It can also be controlled via controller (like one from a console video game) or IR remote. Any interested user can purchase the JO-ZERO kit for about $1,300.