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JoyTops make your joysticks look a whole lot better

joytopsWhen it comes to gaming, there are a few ways to enjoy your favorite genre. First person shooters work best with a mouse and a keyboard, and so too, will real time strategy titles. However, joysticks work best when it comes to beat ‘em ups, as well as shoot ‘em ups, so there is a little bit of something for everyone. Joysticks are not confined to just desktops and consoles, but tablets too, have had their fair share of joystick accessories in the past. Having said that, here is something from DesignStein Studios, LLC that will certainly make your day if you love joysticks – their recent client, JoyTops, is said to start to produce a new, innovative joystick topper which has a two-fold purpose, to prevent or cover joystick wear and tear, and at the same time, to enhance the user’s performance while show boating one’s competitive spirit and team colors.

Carlos and Brandon, who happen to be former athletes – the both of them, are practicing gamers and the inventors of JoyTops, hence their vision is explained this way. “We’re not your typical gamers, we’re sports fans with a nasty competitive spirit. JoyTops was born out of need. There were no products available that prevented thumb slippage, gave you precision joystick control and the ability to customize your controller with your favorite team or sport.”

It certainly looks good on any console controller that has a really small joystick, and at least it also ensures that hardcore gamers do not need to worry about making their joystick “bald” after a lengthy period of wear and tear. Not only that, it will also be a whole lot easier to ensure that the joystick is kept clean and tidy, as grease and other kinds of nasties will end up on the JoyTops, leaving the controller in its pristine state as much as possible.

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