Joy Factory’s Klick Desk Stand for the iPad 2

It seems like any good mobile device always needs to have a stand, and Joy Factory’s Klick Desk Stand is a good fit for the iPad 2.
The design of the Klick Desk Stand reminds me of something out of The Jetsons, where televisions were mounted on curvy beams like the neck of this device. At the end of this neck is a swivel mount for the iPad 2, which clicks easily into a detachable back cover. This allows the iPad 2 to have “720 Rotation” so it can spin on an axis in two directions.
In addition to the swivel at the end of the neck, the stand is a sturdy base that can swivel as well. You will definitely find the optimum angle for viewing with this.
By the way, if you have one of those Smart Covers for your iPad, the cover that the Klick Stand provides will not get in its way. The back cover and the Smart Cover will make for extra protection when you take the iPad 2 on the road.
However, the real purpose of the Klick Desk Stand is to avoid “possible injures from prolonged usage of the iPad 2 with improper postures”. That sounds good to me. If this sounds good to you, feel free to head to the Joy Factory site and pay $59.95 for it.