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The Joule Bracelet is the closest you’ll get to an IV of coffee

Joule Caffeine Bracelet

Once you know the power of caffeine, it’s hard to stop having a steady flow of tea or coffee. It forces your brain to be alert, dissipates that sleepy feeling after lunch, and gives you plenty of energy to tackle those everyday to-do lists. Constantly drinking that amber liquid from the heavens is going to give you some nasty stains on your teeth though, which can thankfully be avoided in this day and age.

While this isn’t going to stop you from getting an occasional cup o Joe, the Joule Bracelet will make sure you get your caffeine without having to drink 16 ounces of something. This system will administer the caffeine equivalent of a medium cup of coffee into your body over the course of four hours through a patch. Not only does this mean you’ll be rearing and ready to go, but you’ll also get to keep your buzz for longer as it’s not outright smacking you with the full dosage. The heat from your body slowly eats through the patch, making sure you’re not getting overloaded too quickly.

The strap is made of silicone, and one patch a day should do you. It is very possible to overdose on caffeine, so try to be smart about how many patches you blaze through in a day. While you can go for just the strap, there’s also a watch version, both costing $29 and $99 respectively. Either option comes with a month’s worth supply, or 30 patches, however long that equals out to for you.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo